“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley ;)

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                My name is SiZAK for short. I don't have to tell my full name or real name here because that's what people called privacy. My family, relatives and some close aquintances used to call me JIMA. For some reason I missed being call ZAI because out of all my name, ZAI is the best one. I was born on October 1993, in a hospital somewhere in Sabah. I am a UNIVERSAL DONOR (blood) but I never donate any due to the underweight thingy, I wish I could donate some and be useful to mankind. (Esehhh ayat poyo pula) I love almost everything about Japan. Oh and I got my japanese name as well, watashi wa nihon no namae Rika-chan desu. What I mean by ALMOST is..yeah excluding the bad influence of their side of course. I am not a picky or whatsover you called biased. Lately I'm being open to almost everything. I listen to almost every genre of music, song etc. I also being kinda ART freak even more since I've finished my diploma. OTAKU for short. 

             I've ever been in love. Everybody experienced it not just me. Why do I have to tell a love story here? It is because I'm sick of being underestimate, being misunderstood..that's the point. Listen and read well dear viewers, its not just you who ever had your heart broken. Somewhere around the world had it. I don't mind being an ex or get my heart broken or somekind like that, I really don't mind. But PLEASE...whoever get to be the next of my ex, do not judge me, do not misunderstood me etc. Being so close to my ex doesn't mean I WANT TO GET BACK with them. I'm just not good enough to hate the person I once had a feeling. It's just not my style. The matter of how bad they hurt us is not a good reason to HATE and IGNORE them. After all they're part of our memory and history, nobody deny history because it's reality that have gone to the past. You deny it means you deny your destiny. Have faith in Iman, trust your Qada' and Qadar. Allah have a better plan for me why would I flirt your love. I have a long way to go, a future and mission to be accomplish instead of hanging around with my ex. Take note dear. Well that's all I'm afford to share here. Have a nice day dear viewers, I love you! Dozo yoroshiku.

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