“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley ;)

Home Sweet Home

 Hai haiii people, its been a long time since I've last posted my words here. 
So today i'm going to write and share a story about my life as the 2nd semester student! Jyeahhhh~! Fyi, we're now on our semester break (its not us actually - only my faculty i guess) my faculty students' had finished exam then we're all going back home. 
As for me, yeahhh, i'm home now..welcome back to SABAH ! :) I'm going to miss every moment i went through during my 2nd semester at UiTM. I really did have a hard time but thats makes me stronger. Cheers part2! ^^v

Department of Fine Art: Part 2
This is the best class picture I got with me. The rest are too blurr and cannot be seen clearly but its okay as long as i got it with me. It was taken during our trip to Dewan Pustaka..I forgot what's the event called. XD Look at us, so freaking friendly and close to each other..I hope this remaining students will last long . The number of students from my class is decreasing - some of them have quit, and even extent their studies. So saddd~ :O After this, I dont want them to quit or else just let it be 18 till our final sem. Gambatte!

Crazy batch!
I like this candid picture! Muahahahaa.
That's all for now. I'm glad that the 2nd semester end as i wish but it was a sad ending, i think (but let just keep it a secret. Hohoho!) Now, i'm home and I should spend my time here to rest ! I need to sleep for three days. LOL
See you guys again next time! 
Jaa nee~

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