“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley ;)

I feel down...


To be honest.. My life is suck without ANIME!
I want to watch more anime!
Gimme some moreeee! >///////<
I will increase my anime + manga collection!


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Deep From My Heart..


 It seems like it's so hard for me to let you go but I will - for your happiness (how about mine?)
Nevermind. It might have been that way.
Go find your LOVED one & make sure to be HAPPY with her. 
I always pray for your happiness, don't worry. :)

Yes it is! We must take risk in order to success in our live.
Don't just depends on our LUCK.
Sometimes we may placed high to the higher & lower to the lowest!
Prepare yourself! 

 LOVE YOURSELF, That should be the priority.
If you don't love yourself then WHO WILL?
Take a good care of your heart.
WHY? Cause you might HURT it if you found a WRONG PERSON.

Everybody deserves to be happy! :)
Life must goes on~ 

Yes, I miss you. WHO?
I don't want to mention , just let it be. :)
Hope you're dong good there. 

Yet are true! There's always a silver lining on every cloud.

This is what I actually NEED + MUST do.

Every pictures describe your own feeling isn't it?
So that I don't have to wrote longer to express how I felt.
Jamata Nee~


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