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Why Did I Obsessed With KOREA?

Today i'm gonna post about KPOP. :)
I don't why I want to post it BUT i guess I should because its been a while since i last post here. ;)
enjoy it :

First : The Drama

Second : KPOP

*Their songs
*Their Lyrics
*Their cute/handsome face
*Their ability
*Their Style

Third : PLACES

Incheon Island

Jeju Island
Lotte World

Fourth : The Language

Lastly : The People

Beauty & Good-looking
Yoseob <3 B2ST
Taemin SHinee
Song Hye Kyo
Shin Min Ah

Sooyoung SNSD
That's all I want to update for tonight!
BTW, Its my new background - cute isn't it! :p

Salam 1 malaysia, kalau suka sila LIKE~


m0sHiE~ said...

love korea tu. all their song, dramas, places. ^^

payed said...

not into k-pop.. never ever

Rika Xandera said...

@moshie : well, that's cool!!! :D

@Payed : i'm not that obsessed.. just kagum gitu . ;)

Ahmad Hisyam said...

table language tu...pasni bleh la baca tulisan korea ;)

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Rika Xandera said...

@Ahmad Hisyam.. hehe. ya, boleh blaja tulisan korea. senang je tu ;)