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Blue is my favorite...

Yeah, speaking of BLUE..I remember something. I should post it here as REMINDER! 
Hey do you guys like anime? Do you watch it like I did?
Hmmmm, not many people watch anime I see =3= 
(Syok sendiri lah ni...wakakakaka!)

I am an Otaku FYI.

To anime/manga otaku out there:
Have you watch this anime series --> AO NO EXORCIST?

I guess YES! It was so popular right now.. As popular as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairytail, Hitman Reborn.. (If you don't know these anime, go watch it cause you gonna miss a precious moment. >__<)
Let me share some information about this anime.

AO NO EXORCIST | Blue Exorcist

               Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師(エクソシスト) Ao no Ekusoshisuto, Ao no Exorcist) is a manga written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. The manga has been serialized in Jump Square magazine by Shueisha since April 2009, with individual chapters collected into six tankōbon volumes as of April 4, 2011. Theone-shot of the manga was first featured in the September 2008 issue of Jump Square and was titled Miyamauguisu House Case (深山鶯邸事件Miyamauguisu-tei Jiken). As of August 9, 2011, 27 chapters have been released in Japan. It was adapted into an anime television series and it will be adapted into an anime film. Viz Media has licensed the manga for North American production, with the first volume released in April 5, 2011 and the fifth volume scheduled for release in December 6, 2011. The North American book distributor Simon & Schuster listed the first volume of Kazue Kato's Blue Exorcist manga for release by Viz Media this April 2011.

              The story revolves around Okumura Rin, a teenager possessing abnormal strength and endurance who, along with his younger twin brother Yukio, was raised by Father Fujimoto Shiro. Soon after Yukio departs to study at the prestigious True Cross Academy, Rin learns that he is the son of Satan, the strongest of all demons. Witnessing Shiro dying to protect him, Rin ends up doing what his guardian asked him never to do: draw the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his demonic powers, from its scabbard. From that moment on, Rin not only gains permanent demonic features like fangs, pointed ears and a tail, but also the power to ignite himself into blue flames that can destroy anything they touch. At Shiro's funeral, Rin has an encounter with Mephisto Pheles, who agrees with Rin's wish to become an Exorcist like his guardian to take revenge on Satan. Rin enrolls at the True Cross Academy, which is actually the Japanese branch of an international organization dedicated to protect the human realm, Assiah, from demons and other creatures from the demon realm, Gehenna. Rin takes part in a special Exorcist course, the existence of which is known only by a few. Much to his surprise, he finds that his brother Yukio is already a veteran Exorcist and will be one of his teachers.


Rin Okumura (奥村  Okumura Rin) 
The fifteen-year-old protagonist of the story, Rin is the son of Satan born from a human woman and is the inheritor of Satan's powers. His powers were sealed at birth into the demon-slaying blade Kurikara by his guardian, Shiro Fujimoto, allowing him to live a normal human life for about 15 years. Rin became aware of his true identity after Kurikara could no longer seal the blue flames he inherited from Satan, setting off a chain of events that led to the death of Shiro at the hands of Satan, who attempted to drag Rin back to the demon realm, Gehenna. Mephisto Pheles confronted Rin after Shiro's funeral with several exorcists, giving Rin the option to kill them all or die. Rin instead demanded to become an exorcist, an idea that amused Mephisto. Rin was then enrolled personally by Mephisto into the True Cross Academy, where he has since been pursuing his goal to become a Paladin and to defeat Satan. He is currently an Esquire and attempting to gain the title of Meister as a "Knight". 

This is RIN
Yukio Okumura (奥村 雪男 Okumura Yukio)
Rin's younger twin brother. He's a genius!

Rin & Yukio

Shiemei Moriyama

This is all what I know about Ao no Exorcist. 
I didn't finish watching this anime yet.
Just reaching episode 3 only. LOL But I will buy this anime DVD soon!
Here are some BLUE EXORCIST COSPLAYER. Enjoy it & that is my end of post for today. Jamata nee!

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