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I'm back here. Last night I've post something that may irritates you all which I WROTE NOTHING! Bhahahaha. I'm sorry guys, I have plenty works to be done & that makes me a little bit busy & I can't online a little longer & I can't post a lot . So sorry again ~ :3
Today I will write and share something that you may consider..
meaningful to share. I guess so.
Last day, I've found this on GOOGLE image -->

I was wondering something..
Did I ever did something BAD to you?
Do I deserves such a treatment from you?
Listen :
*I don't even know you. ET CETERA!
*I never met you before.
*I never Talk to you even ONCE?
*I never never never never.

Then, I list on some reasons :
Hate seems to fall in by some raesons.
* Misunderstanding & Fear
* Contempt & superiority
* Reaction to a real or imagined grievances
Usually in the last is personal. No one who hasn’t personally done something  REALLY hateful, deserves to be hated.

I simplify it to 3 main categories that's - Religion , Ignorance & Jealousy:
People who were brought up in a religious family learnt some beliefs. Their beliefs can cause them to hate on others simply because their religion teach them what’s right & wrong.

Sometimes people hate when they don’t understand & know anything about. They will ridicule & hate a person they don’t understand.

This one sounds very cliché but it is a definitely a very good reason why people hates other & tear them down. If someone feel insecure inside or someone who has nothing they don’t have, then they’re going to hate on another person who is better than them. Pathethic isn’t it to HATE a person they don’t even know. Say what, nobody’s perfect like what you think - including you.

When you think back, if you're a Muslim you should think better. It is bad to hate each other - its not like I hate my hater but just want to remind you. Did you get "Rahmat & Hidayah" from Allah by hating a person who is very INNOCENT to you? Are you forget about "Ukhuwahfillah" that we must defend as muslim? Are you trying to break it out?
Simply think about it.

YES, you may HATE something/someone which deserves to be HATED. Such as a person or thing that brings a big problem to our religion, families, nation etc. A person who done wrong things. Even a bad person should not be hated for some reason - why would you hate a person that never to be a bad ass?

As a muslim, we must not hate each other by any chance.
Sabda Rasulullah SAW:
Janganlah saling mendengki saling menipu saling membenci saling memutuskan hubungan dan janganlah sebagian kamu menyerobot transaksi sebagian yg lain jadilah kalian hamba-hamba Allah yg bersaudara. Seorang muslim itu saudara muslim yg lain tidak boleh menzhaliminya membiarkannya mendustainya dan tidak boleh menghinakannya. Taqwa itu berada di sini beliau menunjuk dadanya tiga kali. Cukuplah seorang dianggap kejahatan krn melecehkan saudara muslimnya. Setiap muslim atas muslim lain haram darahnya hartanya dan kehormatannya“.

That's all for now. 
Am going to post some other article soon.
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