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Interesting Event!

Assalamualaikum para blogger sekalian. 
Hari ni sy tetiba rajin mau update blog yg sudah berkarat ni. HAHA. 
Apakah angin anda hari ini? Well hey, that's not the point! I am hell tired right now. I just went back home from school and post this on my blog. 
Say what? A special event for the Pre-U studs was just held at my school this evening. It was tiring thou, it was an exciting event and we really enjoyed it. Although we had to force ourselves by playing on a rainy days. ^_^ Gosh, I was just about to recover from my flu. I might get sick again after this. DUH! So tired, tired, tired && TIREEEDDD! I have ate "kuih cempiang" (was pronounce in my town) with a good taste of salty-sauced & freaking SPICYYYY. Hey, are they attempted to kill us alive? LOL. Plus, the no-taste lime juice with a lil bit taste of sour & salty - damn delicious =..=' (many studs vomit in front of me after drinking the SPECIAL JUICE. Bhahahahaha~) What a craze event! We feel the enjoyment and thanks to all the crews for organizing such an event. Come up with more special program for us lahhh after this! (Before I left school, indeed. ^^).
And damn my little tummy! Why you have to be sick now - feeling like "Ohhh M Geee, what is this scary-hurtled feeling!" *Sigh* Its attacking me again, every month - for nearly a week. Ya Allah, please shorten this pain. :'D Oh that's all for now. I have to get a rest, hope i can cope with this pain because sooner or later; it'll be good. 


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