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You Never Gonna Believe This!


There you go once again! My most favorable soccer team MANCHESTER UNITED win against Arsenal at Old Trafford last night!

Pheww.. Just as I thought! This is so mesmerizing me. gegegegege, i'm very sorry for the Gunners' fans out there. They still got chance to win the premier league ok! So, don't lose hope. Now i'm just waiting for the next match between ManU and Chelsea. Oh mm gee! Can't wait anymore. Really excited de . Hope ManU will win this year. :D Oh dear Chelsea, please backoff so ManU can win again. Actually, their records are unbeatan one; since David Beckham had lead them to an excellent triumph. HEHEHE. Back to the former match between Red Devils and The Gunners; I was so shocked with Ji sung's way of playing. ngahahahaha, The South Korean is one of the men whose recent improvement has retained United's position amongst the title contenders. He is trully footballer and I begin to like him more, more and more! (I guess because he is KOREAN la. lol)

Now they've gone to the top with two points ahead. And, It should have been more. United wasted countless chances, the best of which being a penalty from Wayne Rooney 17 minutes from time that he ballooned over the bar. Oh no no.. They really missed it!

 For Arsenal, the sorry statistic of a fifth reverse concealed a desperately disappointing performance which did not get that much better even after Arsene Wenger had thrown his star man Cesc Fabregas on in a last desperate bid to secure a share of the spoils. He should have throw him at the beginning so that they chances of winning is higher. HAHA. Arsenal were a disappointment! The in-form Samir Nasri was a virtual bystander whilst Arshavin got onto the ball far more often but his final ball was a major let-down. Hmm, thought that Samir show his good performances again but it isn't. Hmm, apa2 pun. For the upcoming match, Man U will win again and thus WIN the Barclays Premier League. Hwaiting Manchester United! :) Well, I have to peek a little to the Europe league. Barcelona & Real Madrid show their good performance there. wow, i'm just proud of Barca..they're really a tough team! Imagine if ManU gone a match against them. Oh M Gee.. What a big hardship they gonna face. ngehehehehe. And yeah, that is what I attend to bloggy today. No interested on others. lol So I'm gonna wait for it . So long bloggie . Mae Amour; GRACIAS! ^_^

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