“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley ;)

What I Like?

Everybody have their own interest in something and so do I? I'm here to tell you all about how I really LOVE this stuff & want to own it for sure .ngehehehe. I post the pictures here ; Kyaaaa~ I just wanted to have one . lol XD 


>>It's a SUPRA shoes for girls. nyaa, luv it!<<

>>This headphone, I Luv its design maa<<

>>And, waa . awesome shoes ! oh,please be mine.<<

>>Luv PINKISH stuff . but not now. lol<<

>>Unique , isn't it?<<

>>Yah, this is the most wanted! I luv photography!<<

 >>I cant live without MUSIC, so i must have this one. lol<<

>>Have dream to be a violinist . dol?<<

>>My fav grand piano . *-*<<

>>OMG , I luv this shoes! <<

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Reira said...

uix....supra ma phone tu bha..
krim salam~!!! ^_^ -dini